Amanda Munday, a queer mama of two and the founder and CEO of The Workaround, a coworking space with child care on-site in Toronto

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In 2018, when my children were four and two years old, I quit my job leading marketing for a high-growth tech startup to open a day care and co-working company.

I jumped off the metaphorical cliff because I’m chronically stubborn. I’m also ambitious and was determined to circumvent the daily logistical and financial barriers of being a new parent trying to climb that corporate ladder. …

Written by Catherine Connors, mom of two, creator of the award-winning blog Her Bad Mother, former Disney executive, writer, and advocate.

A couple of months ago, I hit an emotional wall — hard. The surprising thing was, it kind of seemed to come out of nowhere.

I wasn’t experiencing anything more than the usual late-pandemic stressors, and in fact felt like I was supposed to be feeling optimistic: Vaccines were being rolled out efficiently, school was ending soon, summer looked promising, everything seemed to be pointing in a reasonably positive direction. Especially relative to the last year. …

For decades, Lisa Cron has been the person authors and filmmakers turn to when they need their story to captivate an audience. Her books, Wired for Story and Story Genius, outline the framework that makes a story suck you in and smack you in the heart.

If you want an audience to react to you, tell them a story. It’s neuroscience. Our brains are wired to react to stories with emotion, compassion, and empathy. …

By: Lisa Cron, Bestselling Author, TEDx speaker, teacher, and story coach

Let’s start with the myth. Many of you aren’t going to like it: The best leaders are driven by logic versus emotion. Sorry, but no. Good leaders aren’t “logic-driven” because none of us are. Our brains are hardwired to be driven by emotion and story, and that’s what’s picking and choosing the data you pay attention to.

Our fear of emotion keeps us trapped in that myth — a fear that’s heightened by societal norms, which often differ by gender. For many men, it’s fear of emotion. …

Lisa Cron, Bestselling Author, TEDx speaker, teacher, and story coach

I’ve loved stories all my life. We all do, right? And, like most people, I always thought of them as entertainment.

But then, one day when I was trying to figure out how to handle a particularly sticky problem, I realized I was wrong. Because instead of wondering what my mom or my sister would do in my situation, I was thinking about what Katharine Hepburn as Linda Seton in Holiday would do.

That’s when it hit me: I wasn’t turning to story to escape reality; I was turning to…

It’s almost a cliche: The teenage girl and her diary. It’s an entire product category, a rite of passage from childhood like getting your ears pierced (both offered at Claire’s in any suburban mall). A diary is so vital and precious to the canon of being a teenage girl that it needs a lock.

Did you ever know anyone who read a teenage girl’s diary? It’s the biggest violation imaginable.

Why would we, so universally at a certain developmental stage, feel compelled to put something onto paper, protected only by a flimsy lock, that could be so dramatically used against…

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